Where can I get a floor plan?

We have a 2d floor plan and 3d model available here.

Who built your house?

We hired Blue Ridge Tiny Homes out of Asheville, NC to bring our design to life. We were attracted to their passion for craftsmanship and love the final product!

What do you do with the dishes on your open shelves when you move your home?

The short answer is “nothing” because we don’t actually move our home on a regular basis! See my post about moving a tiny home.

Where did you get that rug?

We got it at World Market. If they are out of stock, try a Google search for “chevron cowhide rug” to find similar options.

Where did you get your couch?

We ordered it from Crate and Barrel and chose a reasonably priced custom color.  We wanted a compact couch that would expand to a platform style bed (as opposed to removing cushions and folding out a frame/mattress) so we could easily pop it out for watching family movies together. We like it except it is a bit too firm.

How much did your house cost?

Despite some initial quotes from multiple builders in the mid $80-90k range, our final build came out to $111k (granted there were some changes and clarifications along the way). Our builder stated they would charge more if they built the same home again. I recommend you talk to a variety of builders before making a decision on who to use. If you are building the same (or almost the same) home, you’ll get much more accurate pricing info by providing our house plan to the builders at the quote stage (fewer unknowns leads to a more accurate price). If the prices you get are too high, you could save money by making different material, fixture, feature, and appliance selections.

Please leave a comment below with any questions, and I’ll update this page as appropriate.


  1. Hi! I’m NOT currently in the market for a tiny house on wheels (and frankly don’t think I could ever live in a tiny house myself due to the size. I just really enjoy the tiny house shows). I am just admiring, and I was wondering what trailer length that is? Also, is that an extra wide tiny house? (If it’s not an extra wide, then that makes the design all the more impressive, in my opinion. The kitchen looks HUGE, which is a rarity from what I’ve seen.)
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kaira – You are perceptive 🙂 Our trailer is 10×30 ft, which is wider than the standard 8.5 ft. This allowed us to create a very usable floorplan with few compromises, and is no problem since we won’t be moving the house regularly.

      1. Oh interesting! What are the implications of having a wider trailer when you move it? Do you need to pay official house movers or something?

        1. Hey Chris – Most people don’t actually move their tiny houses that often, but if you are wider than 8’6″ you can hire a professional transport company when needed or move it yourself, assuming you have a heavy-duty truck capable of hauling the weight of your home.

          You have to develop your travel plan (to ensure the roads on your route can accommodate the extra width) and obtain a permit from the Dept. of Transportation of each state that you will be traveling through. These usually cost around $65 each. So it’s certainly doable, just more of a hassle.

          The decision was easy in our case because the last mile of our move was down a very narrow one-lane gravel mountain road with obstacles and tight switchbacks, plus I don’t have a truck 🙂 We hired Gaskins Moving out of Tennessee, and his team did an outstanding job http://www.illmoveit.com.

    1. Hi Alix – I’ve just updated the FAQ with this info because a lot of people have been asking! We ordered the couch from Crate and Barrel and chose a reasonably priced custom color. We wanted a compact couch that would expand to a platform style bed (as opposed to removing cushions and folding out a frame/mattress) so we could easily pop it out for watching family movies together. We like it except it is a bit too firm.

  2. What a piece of functional art! Great Job to all involved! Thank you for all the effort that takes to share your passions and your journey with us. The blog, the plans, the cookbook—Lovely family, Grateful.
    “The Hero Path
    We have not even to risk the adventure alone
    for the heroes of all time have gone before us.
    The labyrinth is thoroughly known …
    we have only to follow the thread of the hero path. – Joseph Campbell

    1. This is way cool! Great job on the design! I love both the exterior and interior. You have great taste 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi, I think your floor plan is one of the best I have ever seen! I love the room with the bunk beds and the counter space/sinks, but where are the shower and the actual bathroom? Ae they on the opposite side of the 2 sinks? I did not see any pictures of how that all is laid out.

    1. Thanks Anneli! Yes, there is a walk-in shower with two shower heads, a washer/dryer, a full-sized toilet, and some shelves in the bathroom opposite the sinks. Take a look at the video at the bottom of this page and you can see it https://tinyhousebigdesign.com/tiny-house-tour/ (sorry if you couldn’t see it before; I just fixed a permission error on the video). – Jason

  4. We are in the process of remodeling a tiny cabin of our own. Just wondering what color paint did you use on the kitchen cabinets. I just love it! Thanks and enjoy your retreat!

  5. I love your tiny house! Such a great design and beautifully decorated. We have a small house and I’ve been looking to purchase smaller appliances. Can you tell me the name brands of the appliances and where you purchased them?

    1. Hi Debi Thanks! The fridge is by Fisher & Paykel, the range/oven is by Ancona, the dishwasher is by Bosch, and the washer/dryer combo is by LG. Sorry, I don’t recall where they were all purchased as the builder ordered the selections we provided. – Jason

    1. Oh dear I just saw your response to the previous comment. All the answers I needed right there! Thanks for being so willing to share your creation, insight and experience’

    1. Thanks, Lola! We did spend a lot of time with design selections. The brand of the quartz is Silestone, and the color is Calacatta Gold.

  6. I live in NC and have been considering a tiny vacation home in the Boone/Blowing Rock are for years. I’m curious how you found the land and prepared it for the home. Were there any zoning issues? How do you get power, water and sewer/waste water? I’m trying to consider all costs and coming up with a budget. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lindsay – We did a quick internet search for MLS listings that fit our criteria and then drove around checking them out. Once we found one we liked, we hired a realtor to assist us with the purchase (I used to be realtor, but wanted assistance from someone with current and local knowledge).

      We hired a grader to clear trees and cut in a driveway and “bench” in the hillside for the house. He helped find a contractor to install a septic tank (the county has to inspect the land to ensure one is feasible, so make sure of this before buying land), and we hired another company to install a well.

      The lot we picked had a power line going over it already, so we hired an electrician to install a power meter/breaker box pole by the tiny house. We called the electric utility and had them bury a line from the power pole to the breaker box.

      You should definitely check with the county zoning and building departments to discuss your project, as well as research any deed restrictions on your intended property. In our case, the tiny house was treated as an RV so required temporary connections and inspection of the meter/breaker box we had installed. They treated it like a mobile home from a zoning standpoint.

      Hope that helps. Definitely look into all of this before buying land, and realize a lot of these improvements can be expensive. For example, our well is over 600 ft deep. Also we went ahead and installed the largest septic tank the land would accept so if we ever sold the land and the house, the lot could support a larger home. It’s only incrementally more money. Good luck! – Jason

    1. Thanks Bre! I’m sorry, but I don’t remember and could not find the receipt. I know you can get them on Wayfair.com, but they are expensive. We got them on some super sale. – Jason

    1. Hi Michele (sorry I missed your comment so am late in replying). My wife Lisa made the pillow from some fabric she found at a local shop. She’ll be pleased to hear someone asked about it, ha ha! – Jason

  7. Hi,
    What a beautiful tiny home! I love the white wood you did throughout the home. Can you tell me how you did that?

    1. Thanks Rachel (and sorry for the delay in answering your comment). The interior walls are clad with shiplap, which is a board profile you can get from a saw mill or big box home improvement store. It is cut such that when you stack the boards, a perfect nickel sized gap is left between them.

  8. Love the tiny home! What size trailer did you use? Do you know the weight it is rated for and the finished weight you ended up with?

    1. Thanks Mary 🙂 It is a 10×30 ft trailer. I don’t recall the rating, but the builder said the weight was approximately 21,000 lbs.

  9. Thank you for answering all these questions!! So many people post beautiful tiny’s but don’t even list who the builder was or anything! Amazing job

  10. Your tiny house is beautiful! My husband and I are considering doing what you do–using a tiny house as a vacation home. Do you have any advice regarding zoning rules. I live in the Northwest and many communities restrict tiny houses. The rules differ depending on whether the house is on a permanent foundation or even whether the wheels are taken off once it is parked. How did you navigate this challenge when looking for a place to put your home?

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