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When my wife wrote about our tiny house on her popular food blog, 100 Days of Real Food, we were overwhelmed by the positive response. I’m happy to announce that we finally have the floor plan available for sale!

To come up with the design, we spent months watching tiny house TV shows and scouring the corners of the Internet for the best ideas. We then worked through about 15 design iterations in 3D before settling on the floor plan you see here.

To get the standout result we were after, we hired a professional architect to finalize the exterior details (like window sizes and positions), a professional interior designer to help with selections (like paint colors and fixtures), and a professional builder, Blue Ridge Tiny Homes out of Asheville, NC, to bring the design to life.

If you could see yourself in a tiny house like ours (or your own version of it), why not save yourself a ton of work and expense and start with our plan?

Note these are not construction drawings (with structural details and a material take off), but an experienced builder should be able to bring them to life for you along with any personalizations you desire.

Get the 2d Floor Plan for $25

  • Critical interior and exterior dimensions
  • Section views
  • Interior and exterior elevation views

Get the 3d Model for $75

  • Use Google Sketchup (free) software to view
  • Measure anything
  • Look around from any vantage point
  • Show and hide layers (like roof, walls, doors, etc.)
  • Includes 10 preselected scenes
  • You (or your builder) can modify the model to experiment with design changes, furniture placement, etc.

Get the Total “Tiny” Package for $95

  • 2d floor plan
  • 3d Sketchup model

No warranties are expressed or implied. It is your responsibility to contract with a qualified building contractor to ensure your home meets structural, safety, and regulatory requirements for your application and location.  Designs are copyright protected and may not be reproduced or distributed other than to facilitate building one tiny home for personal use.


  1. Sooo… like the idea… wondered about sq footage… like from small to larger than that? One story or two etc

    1. Hi Sylvia – Our house is built on a 10×30′ trailer so is about 300 sq ft downstairs and about 105 more in the loft.

      1. Hi Jason, does the fact that you’re on a 10′ wide trailer mean you had to pull permits and/or have escorts when you moved it to it’s final location? Are you able to share information about your trailer, such as how tall the deck is from the ground (did you choose ‘deck over’ or deck between?’) and overall height of your home?

        1. Hey Krista – Check out the latest post for info on our move. The wheel wells are under the wall so mostly protrude outside of the house, but do come in about 3 inches or so inside (from memory). So the deck is as low as it can go, and the height of the house is just a little under the 13.5′ max for roadway travel. We wanted tall ceilings! In terms of floor height, I want to say it is about 28″, but I am not there to measure at the moment, and the house is on blocks now.

  2. i thought i’d be able to see the floor plan before purchasing, but i dont see it. Did i miss it somehow

    1. You can see a tour of the home here (I’ll be updating it with more pictures over time), but I can’t make the floorplan available for display as that is what I’m selling.

      1. I’m not planning on actually building one, I’d just like to see a basic, non-technical floor plan to get an idea of how you fit so much in.

  3. My husband and I are considering doing this. So many questions. Did you buy a piece of land in the mountains to set your Tiny House on? I see its on wheels, but also blocks. Do you leave it there permanently or do you take it back and forth? Also, your wife’s post said it had a regular toilet. How does that work with a house on wheels, where does the waste go?

    1. Hi Jana – Yes, we bought a lot and developed it for the tiny house. This included clearing trees, cutting in a house pad and driveway, landscaping, tying into the powerline, drilling a well, and installing a septic system. We leave the house there permanently but wanted the flexibility to sell it in the future if our needs changed, say to build a large cabin (we were a bit nervous, but love the tiny house!!). The house is on wheels (which the county required so they could treat the structure as an RV with no building inspections), but we leveled it on blocks, strapped it down, and built a skirt around it. We are required to keep temporary connections, so the house hooks up just like an RV at a campsite. So for the septic, it’s a flexible hose that connects from the house to a pipe in the ground that leads to the septic system. We actually have a 19 ft “guest house” RV on the property as well that hooks up the same way (we extended the utilities). And sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Let me know if you have more questions. – Jason

  4. This has got to be one of the most aesthetically beautiful and most function/comfortable laid out tiny house I’ve seen. You can tell a lot of time was spent reviewing and trying different layouts – great job! As a fellow designer I understand the effort and value you are providing with these plans. I know it’s hard to say and has a lot of variable factors but is there any way to put a final price to what a tiny house of this size would cost? Materials and equipment alone?

    1. Thanks Tina! We are about to head up to the tiny house for the weekend 🙂 I’ve just updated the FAQ with some info on pricing. Please check it out, and sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. – Jason

  5. This looks absolutely beautiful. My wife and I are considering building a tiny house of similar design. We’re also considering purchasing your layout. But we like to get an estimate of how much this would cost to build. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  6. This is amazing! I am just getting started on the research for my tiny home as a traveling cardiovascular technologist. So far this house has everything I would want but I move every 13 weeks. Any chance you have alternative dimensions or floor plans for purchase for someone with more frequent travel needs? Thank you!! – Faryn Carr

  7. Am curious if it is possible to purchase actual “plans”. Our state just passed legislation allowing tiny homes to be permitted as permanent housing and can be permitted theough local building departments, but “plans” are required for permitting, just the same as all other homes.

  8. hello, what do yu mean when you say these aren’t construction drawings? If I were to buy these plans would i be able to build it as a DIY project?

    1. No, the plans will give you the floor plan, key cross sections, etc. so you have all measurements, but do not include construction details.

  9. Does the $111K include your fixtures, cabinets, countertops, appliances? I get that the property and septic, well, etc. was extra — but wondering if the $111K includes all the interior finishes/fixtures?

    1. And…when you sell the plans is there a “source list” for where all the fixtures and appliances came from, if we were to get it built somewhere else?

    1. Thanks Diane. We’ve never seen a bear at our place, though the neighbors have. We do see wild turkey, deer, snakes, frogs, mice, skinks, squirrels, and birds. Mice are the biggest nuisance, but fortunately we’ve never seen them in the house.

  10. How is the movement of the house? We have a travel trailer that can feel quite a bit of movement when someone is walking across and another person is sitting or laying in bed. How stable is this?

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